Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Don't DO WELL Without Sleep

So I made my first official police "noise complaint." I am now "officially old."

Some might call me a party pooper (you know who you are!!!), but a party pooper would've been the one who called on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. But since he's new, I think we've been downright neighborly waiting until Saturday.

Considering he put his sub-woofers on his ceiling...and he starts his music at midnight...and he doesn't turn it off at 5 am...and I am SO not exaggerating.

And considering that after the first night, The Dude met him and they talked all friendly-like about it and the guy seemed surprised and a bit embarassed that it was so loud.

I thought we were in the clear last night when it wasn't on at 1:15 am when I went to bed. Riiiight. 2:30, extra loud. Pulsing, straight up through my pillow. Through my sweet dreams. Straight into my brain.

We gave it about 20 minutes, then I called the non-emergency police line (lack of sleep might be an emergency to me but I wasn't dying, so I kept it in perspective.) They sent someone out, music stopped, I went back to snooze town at 3:30 am.

4:00 am. Boom. Boom. Boom. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???

Now I'm not some old fart that can't handle a little music. But loud pulsing beat that physically vibrates my pillow five nights in a row to where I can't sleep? That is when I have a problem.

I sure did call again. And I put that beat DOWN!

We'll see what happens tonight.


Anonymous said...

It's not my fault you're a party pooper!
JUST KIDDING! I can't believe you waited 5 nights! AND more importantly WHAT IS HE DOING? Does he work? He obviously doesn't work at night if he is home and he can't be working during the day if he is sleeping.... These are the questions I need answered. I hope tonight is better for you!

Emily Shell Krause said...

You just now made your first noise complaint??? I did mine at my first apartment in college! I guess I was old before my time, but I really value sleep! Hope it gets better!

Courtney said...

Hey Melissa! I totally feel your pain - our neighbors across the street do the same thing and we've called the police a million times. What's wrong with people?! And here's the kicker - the mom across the street has severe hearing damage and their 5-year-old boy does, too. Don't they see the correlation between that and their loud music?! Hope your neighbors pipe down. A good night's sleep is hard to come by.