Monday, October 05, 2009

Man Shopping

In my household, I do the grocery shopping. There are many reasons I do the grocery shopping.

I know what we have, what we're out of. I know what can go together to make meals. I know what I personally will and will not eat. And I know what The Dude, on a normal day, will and will not eat.

Being only two of us in our cozy little abode, I do not buy in bulk, but I do make sure the small details are taken care of. The Dude likes coffee and yogurt in the mornings. So I make sure I always have an extra bag of coffee in the cabinet, and at least 5 individual containers of yogurt each week for him to take to work.

I do not, however, generally keep raw meat or seafood on hand. Those who know me well know the face I made just thinking about it.

Normally this is not a problem. If I know I'm going to make a meatloaf, I buy the specific amout of meat and make it. Pot roast, tacos, same goes.

But this past weekend I went out of town. I was only gone for 25-and-a-half hours. Not so long, right?


The dude decided, on a football Saturday, on an empty stomach, to go grocery shopping.

I'm sure his thought process was FOOTBALL = MEAT!!! MAN WANT MEAT NOW!!!

Had I been there to run interference, a lot of this could have been avoided... *sigh*
(Get it? Run interference? Football? Yeah, yeah...)

I am glad the majority of his purchased perishables (i.e. chicken and shrimp) had been either cooked and consumed or frozen before I got home.

Here are a few pics of what awaited me:

Yes, that is FIVE packages of Snack Pack Tapioca pudding. Five. It was on sale.

He doesn't drink DP at home. I don't drink it at all. He forgot.

Three boxes of frozen waffles. I don't remember the last time he ate frozen waffles. But he got three different kinds, so it's cool, right?


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Jana Green said...

His dad is the SAME way...just ask my mom. He comes home with Jello mix, among other things..... every time.....who eats jello? Jamie's kids don't, plus it's usually some weird flavor like pistachio.