Friday, July 31, 2009

The "Other" Cat

I thought I'd share a video of Maggie's alter-ego. She comes out each night, usually around 11 or so. I wish I could get the initial head bop/swivel on camera to signify the transformation. I just never know quite when it's coming...


Monday, July 27, 2009

byEmily, With Love

I have a very talented friend, a crafted artist. I have known her for 12 (!) years, and am proud to be her friend.

Her name is Emily. I call her Em. Or Eme. Dude. Sugarplum. Honey bunches of oats. But usually I stick with Em.

I thought I would highlight some of her work - they don't begin to scratch the surface of what she can do!


Handmade pure silver pendants (Great for Mommy necklaces!)

Hand-crocheted Granny Clutches with hand stitched yoyos (I love these!)

Handmade purse with hand stitched yoyos

Handmade purse with hand stitched flower

Home baked and hand-decorated Petit Fours

Home baked and hand-decorated Birthday cake


She can do anything and everything.

Everything is handmade. With love.

It can be personalized with colors, names, etc.

And the best part? It is quality work that is not overpriced. And she is the sweetest person ever. What more could you ask for?!

If you would like more information, send me an e-mail at and I'll shoot you her info. Also, here is a link to her blog:

P.S. Em, you are the most talented person I know, and have the biggest heart ever :) Love you! Mel

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Love it. Seriously.

Now here is a great use of words!

"projectile vomit of emotion" *

Absolutely fantastic.

*S. Brockmann

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wink Wink

I can't wait for Christmas and stocking-time to come around! I'm running out of disposable razors...

Damn, It Feels Good To Be a Jetson

Some days, I enjoy the drawn out process of getting ready for the day...puttin' on some tunes , takin' a shower, fixin' my hair, playin' with makeup...

And some days, I wish I had a Jetsons conveyor belt transformer that turned you from pelt to svelte in 3.5 seconds. No brain function involved.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lunch With a Side of What?

The dude and I had quite the interesting lunch today. We met at a chain Italian restaurant, used to be one of my favs.

To keep with anonymity, we’ll call it the Olive-a Arden-gay.

Best part of the lunch: Getting to see the dude. And then it just kamikazied from there.

Our Waitress Lady was a bit older, very nice. She delivered our salad and bread quickly, but right after the dude took his first bite of salad, he saw blue stuff all over the back of his fork. My best guess was crayon. Yummy. She apologizes and brings him a new set of silverware.

Great. La la la, on with the meal.

I’m not really feeling all that jazzy to begin with, so I tried one bite of salad (thankfully) and munched on a breadstick.

Waitress Lady brings the dude some more salad, and as he goes to mix it, I hear him go, “Whoa, whoa, hold up. Miss? We got us a hair in here.”

And what is the first thing she says? “Is it mine?”

Ok, first of all, there is a big-A two foot long nasty hair covered in dressing wrapped all around the salad tongs (no joke), so I don’t give a 3-dog dang whose hair it is.

Secondly, as I mentioned previously, our waitress was a bit older, so this has got to be the reason why she held the entire bowl up to the light - in front of all the other rapidly-losing-their-appetite diners - exclaiming she “just couldn’t see it!” The dude, being the dear that he is, was gracious enough to point it out.

So WL brings out a fresh bowl of salad, which the dude (what a champ) serves up (I passed.) He continues on with his raviolis, but I notice that, after a few bites, the salad is being ignored. I asked if everything was ok, and was told that he found another hair.

One of “those” hairs.


Needless to say, our lunch was on the house (ya think?) and we probably won’t be going back to the good ol’ Olive-a Arden-gay anytime in the near future.

And I’m really glad I wasn’t in the mood for salad.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Melissa is Like...

This is hilarious! I think #8 is my favorite! And 10!!!

Here are the instructions:
1. Go to Google
2. Type in "(your name) is like" - make sure it is in quotation marks
3. Write down the first 10 things that come up.

1. Melissa is like my second mother.
2. Melissa is like a fresh spring morn. Now that I don't see her everyday my life is empty.
3. I think Melissa is like a breath of fresh air…very natural, very real and an excellent dancer. (Ha ha ha!!!)
4. Melissa is like an institution...
5. Melissa's is like five minutes from my house so I am always going there for my burrito fix.
6. Melissa is like that. She always exudes the better possibilities in life, the good side of living and of course the moral. (Err, most of the time.)
7. Melissa is like my sis,we can talk about anything and mostly boyss:)lol.Melissa i love youu bestie (BFF 4eva, Lylas!!!!!)
8. Melissa is like Las Vegas, fun for a few days.
9. Melissa is like a fine wine, just peaking at the right time (in reference to her age, which is 29). (Hey, they're a poet and didn't know it!)
10. Melissa is like me and when we get upset we cry, not hurt someone. She is sweet, funny and loving. Yes she deserves to get jail time, but Murder?

Potential Job

I was looking at jobs tonight on CraigsList (which, by the way, I would not recommend), and saw this little diddy:

Job: Receptionist
One of the job duties: "Pick up the phone from time to time."

Maybe I'll apply. I think I could handle it...