Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Don't DO WELL Without Sleep

So I made my first official police "noise complaint." I am now "officially old."

Some might call me a party pooper (you know who you are!!!), but a party pooper would've been the one who called on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. But since he's new, I think we've been downright neighborly waiting until Saturday.

Considering he put his sub-woofers on his ceiling...and he starts his music at midnight...and he doesn't turn it off at 5 am...and I am SO not exaggerating.

And considering that after the first night, The Dude met him and they talked all friendly-like about it and the guy seemed surprised and a bit embarassed that it was so loud.

I thought we were in the clear last night when it wasn't on at 1:15 am when I went to bed. Riiiight. 2:30, extra loud. Pulsing, straight up through my pillow. Through my sweet dreams. Straight into my brain.

We gave it about 20 minutes, then I called the non-emergency police line (lack of sleep might be an emergency to me but I wasn't dying, so I kept it in perspective.) They sent someone out, music stopped, I went back to snooze town at 3:30 am.

4:00 am. Boom. Boom. Boom. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???

Now I'm not some old fart that can't handle a little music. But loud pulsing beat that physically vibrates my pillow five nights in a row to where I can't sleep? That is when I have a problem.

I sure did call again. And I put that beat DOWN!

We'll see what happens tonight.