Saturday, April 26, 2008

Howdy Doodie

Hey everybody! How's it going? Long time, no blog :)

In Oklahoma here, enjoying the cool breeze...

I shaved Maggie the other day. Suprizingly, she loves it. I've never seen a happier cat!

From Real Simple magazine (May 2008)

My Mother's 15 Simple Rules
by Ann Marie Cox

1. The legs are the last thing to go.
2. When you're sad, don't fight it-accessorize it. Get some gin and cigarettes, then play Edith Piaf until the CD starts to skip.
3. Knowing how to roast red peppers will impress more people than you think.
4. It's OK to read at the table.
5. But it's never OK to watch TV at the table.
6. You can always substitute white wine for vermouth in a martini.
7. Everything tasted better if it's served by candlelight.
8. If nothing matches, no matter. That's just another reason for candlelight.
9. Do not try and order in French at a French restaurant unless you are French.
10. Unexpected gifts are the most appreciated.
11. At work, find people who can fix things-the copier, mistakes in your expenses report-and then be very, very nice to them.
12. The cheap cavier is still quite good. [barf]
13. There are five things that will always make you happy if you have them in your home: flowers, a lovely place to eat a meal, a chilled bottle of white [red] wine, Goldfish crackers, and a cat.
14. If you must leave a party and don't have a good excuse, spill something on yourself.
15. The proper way to end a conversation is "I'm sorry to let you go." (eh, not sure about that one...)

Dude, I blogged!!!