Monday, October 05, 2009

Man Shopping

In my household, I do the grocery shopping. There are many reasons I do the grocery shopping.

I know what we have, what we're out of. I know what can go together to make meals. I know what I personally will and will not eat. And I know what The Dude, on a normal day, will and will not eat.

Being only two of us in our cozy little abode, I do not buy in bulk, but I do make sure the small details are taken care of. The Dude likes coffee and yogurt in the mornings. So I make sure I always have an extra bag of coffee in the cabinet, and at least 5 individual containers of yogurt each week for him to take to work.

I do not, however, generally keep raw meat or seafood on hand. Those who know me well know the face I made just thinking about it.

Normally this is not a problem. If I know I'm going to make a meatloaf, I buy the specific amout of meat and make it. Pot roast, tacos, same goes.

But this past weekend I went out of town. I was only gone for 25-and-a-half hours. Not so long, right?


The dude decided, on a football Saturday, on an empty stomach, to go grocery shopping.

I'm sure his thought process was FOOTBALL = MEAT!!! MAN WANT MEAT NOW!!!

Had I been there to run interference, a lot of this could have been avoided... *sigh*
(Get it? Run interference? Football? Yeah, yeah...)

I am glad the majority of his purchased perishables (i.e. chicken and shrimp) had been either cooked and consumed or frozen before I got home.

Here are a few pics of what awaited me:

Yes, that is FIVE packages of Snack Pack Tapioca pudding. Five. It was on sale.

He doesn't drink DP at home. I don't drink it at all. He forgot.

Three boxes of frozen waffles. I don't remember the last time he ate frozen waffles. But he got three different kinds, so it's cool, right?